Thursday, March 14, 2013

Episode V - McCray's (ATL)

BAM! The Reuben Ranger is doing two reviews tonight from  McCray's West Village Tavern.  

Turkey Reuben
"Corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese with thousand island dressing on toasted marble rye"
(This is not a mistake on my part.  The menu has the same description for the Turkey Reuben as it did for the Classic one. Rest assured that when it came turkey had replaced the corned beef)

Some of you may be thinking, "A Turkey Reuben?!?". The Reuben Ranger will not discriminate against cousins or variations of the Reuben. The Reuben Ranger will also not be afraid to try a Reuben anywhere. (Yes, I will get around to reviewing the Arby's Reuben) But I digress...

Appearance - (4.8/5.0)
As you might expect, the marble on this rye was just as good as its classic cousin. Is it just me or does the marble look inverted from the classic. This looks like white with brown marbling. The classic was the opposite. The slaw on the side is nice and looks clean. More importantly, this pickle was not forgotten and makes for a nice garnish.

Quality of Ingredients - (3.9/5.0)
The bread was toasted slightly better for the turkey. The Swiss on this one was also lacking but the dressing was right on. The turkey here was the big disappointment. It was soggy and could not stand up to the rest of the sandwich.

Price - (3.9/5.0)
Same as the classic at $9.95, not cheap considering nothing came with it. I usually spend my Sundays during football season at this place watching big games. In those circumstance I can stomach a $10 sandwich because it is my price of admission. A weekend night with a slow waiter and only WBC baseball to watch, ehhh...

Je Ne Sais Quoi - (4.1/5.0)
This rye was even better than the other one. I really do think they flipped it. There is no buried pickle to depress the score but the plate is almost too clean. No mystery when everything seems exactly as it is supposed to.

Taste - (7.9/10.0)
This is one was ok. I cannot go above an 8 with the meat not being up to par. The slaw you see on the side was great. It has mustard seeds and some kind of tang it to. If I spend more than a sentence on the side then it cannot be a good thing for the sandwich.

Overall - (24.6/30.0)
It was not horrible but given the fact that the same place has a solid Classic Reuben, I will probably not order this one again.

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