Saturday, April 13, 2013

Episode IX: Urban Cannibals (ATL)

RINO Alert!
Today we find ourselves in East Atlanta at Urban Cannibals to taste the Urban Reuben. Warning, the Urban is a RINO (Reuben In Name Only). I knew this going in but I wanted to let the Reuben-loving public know what they could expect if they were to try it.

Along the same lines, there are many Reuben inspired sandwiches out there that do not carry the name Reuben. Be sure to look for them as well in future Reuben Ranger posts.  Here is a breakdown in true B school 2x2 fashion. Look for the Classics, RINOs, and Reuben Inspired in this blog.

The Urban Reuben
"House Roasted Berkshire Pork, Cherry Peppers, Apple Horseradish Sauce + Smoked Gouda on H+F Bread Co. Marbled Rye"

Appearance - (3.5/5.0)
I would not quite call this marbling. Is it just me or can you see a goat in the image?

See the horns up top going along the crust. Then the goatee on the bottom and even the socket on the right. The press marks are cool but I wish they would separate the halves for the presentation. I decided to help them out even though it meant severing the goat's nose.

See, now you can see the filling and it looks better.

Quality of Ingredients - (4.0/5.0)
The pork was very tender and grill marks you see on the bread made the meat nice and warm. The smoked Gouda was no joke and it was melting into the pork. The horseradish was ok but I was expecting more of a kick. The only part I was not crazy about was the cherry peppers. There were more of them than were necessary and they were also lacking in kick. They also tasted like they had been stored in the same jar as martini olives.

Price - (3.4/5.0)
$9.99 $8.99 for the Urban. (Urban Cannibals took the time to read my blog and pointed out that despite saying $9.99 on their Facebook page, it is actaully only $8.99. So thank you for reaching out and I am happy to correct it). Now back to the blog.
I think what really got me about this place is that they charge for refills on coffee. The coffee station is in the dinning room and you serve yourself. You pay at the end and refills are on the honor system. I did not know that until I was paying at the end and they asked me. Really? Coffee refills. I don't even think Waffle House does that. (Again, Urban Cannibals reached out and contends the refills are because they sell good coffee and not Folgers)

Je Ne Sais Quoi - (4.3/5/0)
Before I knew about paying for coffee refills I was really enjoying this place. It was super smoky inside and I think my shirt still smells like kitchen smoke. I actually like that, adds character. The sandwich itself also had some intrigue and sticking with the smoking theme it was the smoked Gouda that did it for me. I tried giving some to Danny but he did not seem as interested.

Taste - (8.6/10.0)
Even though the horseradish did not have kick, it did have a great taste. The rye was nice and toasty and Danny helped me out with the crusts. Grilling a sandwich can really be hit or miss but in this instance it really added value. It brought everything together and spread the smoky Gouda throughout. Here is Lisa going in for a bite.

Overall - (23.8/30.0)
Just checked my math here because it seems like a low score for a good sandwich but I guess that is the way it is. There have been others like this on the blog that are not much to look at and are expensive but do taste great. I would come back to this place and plan to (they have other Reubens on the menu) but not sure if I would order the Urban again.

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